High impact Paintball near monterey, ca

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paintball - full throttle

high impact paintball

High Impact paintball is BACK at TAG Adventure Park near Monterey!  Back by popular demand, we are dedicated to making our high impact paintball GREAT!

We built an entirely new Staging Area for those players who want to experience Tournament Style Speedball. If you want to ‘let the dog off the chain’ and let your paintball gun rip at FULL THROTTLE…
Then this course is for you. 

experience Tournament Style Speedball

high impact paintball player

           Let the dog off the chain!

course in progress

high impact course

This is our “Econo Courses” and completely different from our Premium Service.  Please be patient and observe the progress made monthly.  100% of the profits from this area will go back into the area until it is built to spec:

  • Turf
  • Airball
  • More than 1 course
  • 4500 psi

We are looking forward hearing your input to make high impact paintball at TAG Adventure Park great again!



DRIVE SLOW THROUGH PARK (no dust, no spinning tires)
(turn RIGHT at Time Trials to High Impact Course at FAR SIDE of park)


You can BYOP as long as it is WHITE FILL PAINTBALLS
(we sell paint at store prices at $60/case)

Speed Limit: 285 fps
Ramping allowed (10.5 NXL preferred)
Bunkering allowed
Full Auto allowed

FAQs - Paintball
Frequently Asked Questions

Long pants and long sleeves that you don’t mind getting dirty, layering your clothes is a great idea.

Closed toed shoes only, NO sandals or opened toed shoes!

Our paintballs DO NOT stain! They wash right out – we guarantee it!

For paintball, our minimum age it 8 years old. 

Our field near Monterey is open Saturdays and Sundays. You can book Weekdays by appointment only.

If you call on the weekends, we may not answer but will return your call as soon as we can. We have paid players in front of us on the weekends (with loaded paintball markers).

We still play! Since 1984, we have never closed for weather!  “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad planning.”

BONUS: Plastic trash bags make great makeshift ponchos.
BONUS: Bring no-fog wipes/spray for goggles. We sell wipes.

NO, sorry. Dogs love to EAT paintballs (and there are A LOT on the ground) and its not good for them (throwing up & diarrhea).

Also, we have had irresponsible owners in the past (incessant barking, whining, not picking up the poop, and one player got bit) That’s enough for us.

In addition, pets are distracting and distractions are not safe.

Lastly, paintball parks are a ‘gun-noise’ environment which isn’t a healthy environment for pets (terrifies some breeds).

We love animals TOO MUCH for this. Sorry 🙁  

No, you must use our paintballs for your safety and enjoyment. We put a lot of work into developing a system that has less impact and want play to be fair for everyone. 

 We only use high grade 4-star rated paintballs that are eco-friendly, water soluble, biodegradable, light/temperature, moisture sensitive. If you dropped OUR paintballs on the ground, in 3 weeks you wouldn’t recognize them, in 5 weeks you wouldn’t even find them!!

TAG tests each new lot number of paintballs before use. They must meet Bullseye’s high standards: non staining, accuracy, 14% less mass, elastic test (less than 150 newton/meters, etc.)


Another TAG Innovation: we actually ‘pay’ players to be good ,which eliminates (95+%) of the following: “Potty Mouth, Lord’s Name in Vain, Blind/Friendly Fire, Shooting Too:  Close/Many Times/HOT/Dead players, etc.”

TAG has over 10 award-winning courses. TAG has some SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED courses for Beginners; CQB that law enforcement uses weekdays; Trenches (created by a decorated US Marine), A Paintball Fort, multiple Speedball courses, Fox Holes, Natural Terrain (river bed). Another amazing feature…they can be COMBINED to create LARGER and more dynamic courses…to keep your games fresh and exciting!

TAG has picnic tables and benches under shaded aluminum awnings to shelter you from weather between games. In hot weather, TAG uses MISTERS (40 ft long, 2 gal/minute, 1000 psi to drop up to 30 degrees!!) 

Our staging area is protected by netting 12′ tall. As netting wears, it inevitably gets holes in them. To properly maintain safety at TAG, we  DOUBLED our netting to ensure integrity. Yes, is is the most expensive solution…but your safety is worth it to us!