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What We Have

Over 10 Award-winning courses

TAG Adventure Park near Monterey has over 10 award-winning courses that are SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED .…they can be COMBINED to create LARGER and more dynamic courses!

Check out these 360s of our Fields!

We had these 360s of our fields near Monterey taken last year. You can see how much play area we have. At TAG, we’re always changing things out to keep your play fresh and exciting!

Black Watch Tower (overlooking Laser Tag Field)

View from Tower 1

View from Tower 2

View from Tower 3

We keep changing it up!

Our Cool Courses near Monterey

What our courses are like

New to the sport? We have highly trained staff that love to help beginners. We’ll make sure you feel comfortable and safe while you’re having maximum fun.

Our Trenches field was created by a decorated US marine! It provides obtainable shooting positions while providing excellent cover!

The ultimate in attack and defend games, with our one-of-a-kind paintball fort!

Relive World War II battles while trying to take our your enemy on our Foxhole Field.

The ultimate in tournament play. The speedball course is the ultimate challenge for the semi-pro or pro player!

Utilize nature’s obstacles – trees, rocks and river bed – to engage your foe!

Our CQB course is used by law enforcement weekdays.

Our staging area

we have you covered

Shade and shelter

We have a covered area with picnic tables and benches to keep sun or rain off you between games. In summer, we have misters to keep you cool (40ft long, 2 gal/minute, 1000psi to drop up to 30 degrees)! Our staging area has protective netting that is 12 feet tall. As netting wears, it inevitably gets holes. For the safety of our players and spectators,  we DOUBLED the netting to ensure integrity. Yes, is is the most expensive solution…but at TAG Adventure Park your safety is worth it to us!

Fields at TAG Adventure Park
near monterey, ca

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