Airsoft OPEN 1st Saturday and 3rd Sunday of each month!

Airsoft near Monterey, ca

Bring your own gear and play at our park!

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Our award winning courses!

  • Bring your own gear and enjoy a day on TAG Adventure Park’s award-winning courses near Monterey!
  • 1st Saturday and 3rd Sunday 10-3pm Every Month.
  • Courses are shared on a rotational basis.
  • Airsoft and paintball players get along brilliantly. We love good-natured heckling.
  • TAG paintballs do NOT stain clothes!

           We have 10 award-winning courses!

Airsoft - the tactical game

Airsoft is unique!

Why do I like Airsoft? Airsoft takes strategy and team work. The skirmishes require constant changes in battlefield tactics.
Frankie D.

TAG is now offering Airsoft dates 2x per month

  • 1st Saturday 10-3pm $45
  • 3rd Sunday 10-3pm $45

FAQs - Airsoft
Frequently Asked Questions

No. Full Face Coverage is required (ANSI Z87+ Impact rating).

No. All lower face covers must be rigid, i.e. plastic or metal mesh.

No, but we have Snacks / Drinks. Food is nearby in town (1.3 miles away).

 No. We actually prefer regular PVC BB’s (classified as “Inert” per environmentalists).

Yes, after their waivers are completed. (JUST MAKE SURE YOU PICK THEM UP!) 

Yes! However,holstered pistols don’t  require a barrel cover. Extra guns must be kept in gun bags.


No, you must use our paintballs for your safety and enjoyment. We put a lot of work into developing a system that has less impact and want play to be fair for everyone. 

 We only use high grade 4-star rated paintballs that are eco-friendly, water soluble, biodegradable, light/temperature, moisture sensitive. If you dropped OUR paintballs on the ground, in 3 weeks you wouldn’t recognize them, in 5 weeks you wouldn’t even find them!!

TAG tests each new lot number of paintballs before use. They must meet Bullseye’s high standards: non staining, accuracy, 14% less mass, elastic test (less than 150 newton/meters, etc.)


Another TAG Innovation: we actually ‘pay’ players to be good ,which eliminates (95+%) of the following: “Potty Mouth, Lord’s Name in Vain, Blind/Friendly Fire, Shooting Too:  Close/Many Times/HOT/Dead players, etc.”

TAG has over 10 award-winning courses. TAG has some SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED courses for Beginners; CQB that law enforcement uses weekdays; Trenches (created by a decorated US Marine), A Paintball Fort, multiple Speedball courses, Fox Holes, Natural Terrain (river bed). Another amazing feature…they can be COMBINED to create LARGER and more dynamic courses…to keep your games fresh and exciting!

TAG has picnic tables and benches under shaded aluminum awnings to shelter you from weather between games. In hot weather, TAG uses MISTERS (40 ft long, 2 gal/minute, 1000 psi to drop up to 30 degrees!!) 

Our staging area is protected by netting 12′ tall. As netting wears, it inevitably gets holes in them. To properly maintain safety at TAG, we  DOUBLED our netting to ensure integrity. Yes, is is the most expensive solution…but your safety is worth it to us!  

In Field Rules/Engagement - Airsoft

  • 10 foot minimum engagement.
  • Must use Pistol inside of -10 feet or Surrender enemy with Rifle.
  • Players MUST transition to pistols when entering a building.
  • HPA tapped guns may be subject to additional restrictions.
  • ZERO foot engaged distance with GBB/CO2 Pistol.
  • May use pistol to surrender enemy (Bang Bang).
  • Players MUST transition to pistols when entering a building.
  • HPA tapped guns may be subject to additional restrictions.
  • Blind firing is not tolerated under ANY circumstances.
  • Dead players may not yell out enemy positions to fellow players.
  • Only given through courtesy.
  • Players may say “Bang Bang” or “Surrender” to kill enemy player.
  • Ricochets do not count as a kill.
  • Gun hits DON’T count as a kill.
  • 5 foot kill radius from where grenade detonates.
  • 10 foot kill diameter.
  • If grenade detonates inside of a room, anyone inside that room is dead.
  • If grenade detonates and player is behind solid cover, that player is still alive.
  • Not allowed under any circumstances.
  • If Player A uses brush as cover, and Player B is firing into that brush; if some of Player B’s bb’s go through the brush, Player A should call “Hit” as a courtesy kill.
  • Moving/modifying the field barricades is not allowed.
  • If a person is seriously injured or is in need of medical care: stay in place, put your weapon down, and call out “blind man” loudly. This will stop the entire game so that staff can attend to the person. This call out is strictly for injury related purposes only.
  • Please do not provoke, touch, or shoot wildlife. This includes the Paintball players.
  • Will not be allowed due to the amounts of dry grass on the field.
  • M203 grenade shells that expel bb’s will be treated as a shotgun, but with a minimum engagement distance of 15 feet.
  • M203s that launch projectiles will have a kill radius of 5 feet from where the projectile lands.
  • Players are expected to pick up any trash they bring with them onto the field (i.e., spent Grenade shells, Empty BB Bottles or bags etc.).

Want food for your next airsoft party?

No Problem!

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